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Shine On is brought to you by the leading experts in women's personal development and gender equity, Shine For Women.

Shine On brings together female rising stars in business to accelerate our collective confidence, influence and humanity

It's been our ambition for a long time to create a safe space that brings the impact of what we do at Shine For Women to thousands more people around the world. What we do really works: we can honestly say that women who have been through a Shine experience tell us it’s changed their life.

The businesses we work with find that significantly more of their senior women are fulfilled in their careers. And ultimately we believe this is how we can ignite a new style of inclusive leadership that will change organisations forever. Gender equality benefits everyone.

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Via virtual and in-person programmes, we coach and challenge women around the world to feel confident and empowered. This enables them to play a bigger game and have a direct and positive impact on the system around them.

We're a bit different to other business coaches, not only because we are experts in women, but also because we have all previously held senior roles within the corporate world. We understand the challenges that female rising stars in business have, because we've been there.  Shine On is designed using our extensive experience of working closely with tens of thousands of individuals and organisations around the globe.

In the past, to be coached by us you would have to attend a Shine programme through your company or directly in-person at our HQ in Lyme Regis. But, back in 2019 we set ourselves a goal – to help as many women as we physically can by creating a platform, and Shine On was born!

Throw in a global pandemic (and all of the ways this has specifically impacted women) to the mix, and we’re absolutely certain that people need us more than ever, to avoid becoming victims of a setback, and instead designers of their future. 


Becoming a member will allow you to confidently forge your own path

Living this experience with other, like-minded women, will enable you to accelerate your growth and receive all the support you need to get there. 

Whilst Shine On has been designed with women in mind, all genders are equally welcome. 


Our impact is proven - we have changed thousands of women's lives around the world. Now is your time to Shine!

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